How I created two Affiliate Marketing Programs using the Affiliate Marketing Planner

I downloaded the Affiliate Marketing Planner, when I needed help in my business, I created my coaching practice, Blogging and Business Coaching in July.

I needed to build my list, resources, business and had begun organizing, my offers.  I downloaded several of the business planners I offer on my website, and I chose to utilize the Affiliate Marketing Planner first.  

I had signed up for several affiliate marketing programs and needed, to keep them organized and in one place. The Affiliate Marketing Planner also teaches you how to track your affiliate links, clicks, sales and conversions.

As I began working through my Affiliate Marketing Planner, I came to a section for areas within your own business where you can plan track and create offers. Perfect for areas you are planning and brainstorming for new products and or e-courses for example. 

So I continued working in my Affiliate Marketing Planner, and began to think about areas I could begin growing and projects I was working on and began brainstorming ideas along with my current products, offers, and services. 

I was initially shocked and intimidated, and I shrank back, at the thought, and the idea of creating my own affiliate marketing program, such an advanced task.
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OK so I sounded like I was playing small, but I was really intimidated at the aspect of the unknown.  I don't know how affiliate programs are created, and they are always so large, and complicated, and most affiliate products, you see some very successful people posting over the top sales.

I didn't know what to do, my own affiliate program seemed like such a large project, this is expensive, etc, etc, I was making excuses in my own mind, when the answers, how to's, and exercises are all right here in my Affiliate Marketing Planner.

I could barely think about the results, but I knew there could be huge benefits and I needed to build my lower-end base product.  Blogging and Business Coaching needed help with planner sales, sharing them with fellow Bloggers, Business Coaches, and Business Owners, was the next step in creating a profit-making business, and building my email list, so I began to plan and write my ideas and a new affiliate program a new business service was being created. 

Over the course of 2-3 weeks, I had developed my own Affiliate Program using the Affiliate Marketing Planner.  I also watched a Sales Funnel video during the process. Launched just this August Blogging and business Coaching Affiliate Program provides affiliates with 15% income in the form of a commission for each business planner they sale.

There are over 6 Business Planners and two Business Design and Creative Planners, and two Business Coaching Planners, and more to be introduced as new affiliates sign up, to offer, them a variety of products and chances to earn more income and then grow in there own areas of business.

The next plan of growth is to hire Virtual Assistants, they provide online services to clients, they are ideal and I created a tier for affiliates, and a tier for Virtual Assistants, as the commission level for the business planner product, affiliates, and virtual assistants sell on their own sites, to earn affiliate commissions from Blogging and Business Coaching.

After creating Blogging and Business Coaching Affiliate Program, my creative fuel was, ignited, I thought to my self, I would like to build another, independent Affiliate Brand, to see if I could do it, to myself I had learned how to create an affiliate program, and also to use the creative fuel and excitement the affiliate marketing planner had given me, to create another really awesome affiliate brand. 

I began to think about what I liked about affiliate marketing, and who I could best serve by creating an affiliate marketing program. 
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Virtual Assistants are really awesome people, they provide online services, to busy executives too, and business owners over the internet.  They are really unique people, who have become successful, and built a really great niche.  

While networking with coaches, bloggers, and business owners, with Blogging and Business Coaching, the term virtual assistants kept showing up, in the form of me as a coach needing to hire one, and their service based businesses being a great niche within networking.

As I continued to brainstorm, and think of a theme for my new affiliate brand, a few things began to come together, a really great planner affiliate idea, a really great font, and a really amazing theme design for my website, from textures and patterns, within a matter of days Affiliate You ~ was born.

Affiliate You ~ is a planner affiliate program, branded and created for Virtual Assistants and Affiliates, they earn a commission each week by selling business planners. 

These planners are useful to VA's and their clients, they are useful in that they teach how to create programs, how to create courses, offers, and are great revenue generating assets.

The design for Affiliate You ~ is something I feel I can be really proud of while designing, Affiliate You's branding, a really unique font became available on Creative Market, the font was perfect and reminded me of Affiliate You ~.  

I had previously downloaded a zip file of textures, and patterns, about a week earlier, the textures were mainly black and white, but I liked the aesthetics and the feel of the texture.  I also began thinking about my audience and added a Joint Venture Partner program to the brand's offerings. All around, the Affiliate You ~ brand has the purpose, and mission, I intentionally created, by developing my theme, around my audience Virtual Assistants. Affiliate You's website, is vibrant, live, and is bright and active, in the Virtual Assistant space, this is the feel and what comes to mind.  

I have joined two Virtual Assistant groups and as soon as Affiliate You's website went live and the affiliate program became open, there were 7 sign-ups in a matter of 2 days. The brand gained the interest of Virtual Assistants and a few affiliates from Facebook.
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I am rewarded by the work I do, when I see its success and brand come to life. I was afraid and intimidated, by the notion, of learning an advanced level, skill, and took on the task by reading, listening, doing, and learning.  The Affiliate Marketing Planner has taught me a lot, and it is one of my most valuable resources.  Sharing my brands, my successes, and what I have created in business is also rewarding, I get to teach others, and provide, access, so they can create a similar program or services, within their own business.  I am also contributing to the job market, by creating an income and money generating opportunity, 

You too can do the same thing, creating your own affiliate marketing program, will give you, access to customers, supporters for your brand, and you will have ambassadors who will help to champion your product or services, as well as help you to build income or revenue for your business and self, everyone has expenses. 

Why not take the opportunity yourself, build a wildly successful affiliate brand for yourself or business! I created one affiliate marketing program for my own blogging business, organized and learned how to keep track of the affiliate products, programs, and links, I am already a part of, I also learned how to market these products, and I created my own independent affiliate marketing brand. 

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  1. wow, your hard work is truly inspiring :)
    congrats on your affiliate marketing programs! ;)

  2. It helps us to keep the track of our programs.i will also start now creating affiliate program.its a very good idea that needs to be follow

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