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I created Petals & Pens, because I found inspiration in writing and lifestyle blogging, but I wanted a more feminine blog. The idea came to me because I love flowers and writing, but more so, I wanted to keep a professional writing flare, because I feel I have successful lifestyle habits and inspiration I want to share.

I have also found inspiration from other lifestyle bloggers, over the past 6 months, who have inspired me with their creativity, sustainable living advice, including minimalism and healthy lifestyle and living blogger. Following these female bloggers, coaches, and lifestyle influencers, has given me the inspiration, motivation, and the belief, that I too can become a successful blogger.

Petals and Pens, is the name of my blog, I love flowers in bloom, and a single flower petal, is a sign of beauty, like, and a gift. Sharing my creativity, and gifts to readers, is my mission, for Petals and Pens, and providing successful lifestyle inspiration to my blog viewers.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, my name is Cynthia Crosby, I am a entrepreneur, and new lifestyle blogger.

Cynthia Crosby
Petals & Pens

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  1. Nice! I just started blogging myself! Keep up the good work!