Why I Started Writing, and How you can become a Creative Writer Just by Writing

Writers have provided so much knowledge to the world.  Writers create book forms, novels, journals, blogs, poems, creative essays, and write for editorial calendars.  When I first started writing, I hand wrote poems, and always kept a journal, I also once wrote a play.

Recently, I began thinking about my craft, aside from being creative, I like to journal, so I began creating writing journals for other creative persons.  I imagined, they will be perfect for other creatives.  The I Love to Write, Writing Journals, are the perfect writing journals.

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The I Love to Write, Writing Journals are my first expression, of a creative printable journal, new creative writers can use, to journal, write short stories, quotes, and other expressions,  I created the Quote "I Love to Write" as a paradigm.

They are created in various color graphics, with backgrounds, and one is ready and on Esty, with an Autumn Theme and created with my two business names.  Blogging and Business Coaching and one by Posh Lifestyle Company.

I set them at a low cost based on the similar journals other creatives, many of their journals are priced in the same range $3.49.

Soon I will have more journals available for sell in my Esty Store, I have already created various Autumn themed journals, and based on my level of creativity, I have created 8 Journals. I am so glad I have found a craft, soon I would love to create spiral bound journals, with exercises and directed instructions. 

These are my first creative writing designs, along with my blog Petals and Pens, I have created a lifestyle blog and began, creating printable journals. As I continue blogging, you will see more, creative work, and also more lifestyle features, and posts. 

To explore writing more, I recently found a How to Make a Living as a Writer, Publish books, articles, and blogs by Amber Roshay, Melissa Uhles

I am just now beginning to read the book, and I will hope to follow up on some of the references, when I explore writing more, I will be able to write more, and have a place to market my, writing to publishers.

I subscribe to Amber Roshay's and Melissa Uhles emails, and hope you have a chance to check out the book too. It is a great and valuable resource, they are mom bloggers, and are creating a very unique teaching source with motivation for mom's who want to become writers.

With this post I wanted to share with readers, my journey as a writer, and creative, I hope you will enjoy learning more about, Pens and Petals, the "I Love To Write" Writing Journal is a unique printable you can use as a writer.

Thanks for taking time to read, I Love to Write, and How you can become a Creative Writer Just by Writing while on your creative writing journey.

Petals and Pens.

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  1. What a great post you made here. thanks for sharing and i am going to bookmark this now

    - regina