6 Holiday Entertainment Items for Thanksgiving Day!

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Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for giving thanks for the years, blessings, showing gratitude for loved ones, and a day where we share in togetherness, and gathering. Thanksgiving would happen to fall into a season of change, as the leaves change various colors in Autumn and trees prepare for winter and reproduce new leaves. We go through changes too, and we show our thankfulness during the Thanksgiving Holiday by visiting family and enjoying a bountiful holiday meal on Thanksgiving Day.

I put together a Holiday Guide, a sort of Thanksgiving Survival Guide filled with bountiful entertainment Ideas. I also included a Printable Entertaining Guide, by Day Designer, to help you through holiday entertaining.  

Essential Oils
Essential Oils are relaxing and are perfect for warming up the home during Thanksgiving. Cinnamon, Ginger, and Orange Scents are nice smells to add a diffuser on Thanksgiving Day.

Crystal Dinnerware
Crystal is Beautiful, everyone needs one piece of Crystal in their home! Waterford Crystal is the perfect choice
2017 Snowflake Wishes for Friendship Flute

Normandy Bowl

Vegan Dessert 
Foodstirs, is a vegan dessert company, with yummy desserts perfect for your Thanksgiving Table! Order one of these Holiday Treats!

Target has a selection of Holiday pumpkins in various holiday colors including blue velvet. Perfect for filling Holiday space with pumpkin decor. 

Thanksgiving Dinner
Having a well prepared meal during Thanksgiving is the goal, and having everything turn out perfectly during thanksgiving is even more perfect. You don't have to worry, Magic Kitchen has meals that are well prepared and perfect for your dinner table.

Fruit-baskets are the perfect entertaining delight. You can enjoy a healthy fruit basket for you and your guests from Cyber Florist on Thanksgiving Day!

Fruit Baskets - Delicious and Healthy Gifts. Shop Cyber-Florist Now!

Additional Holiday Entertainment Reading, https://www.pomegranatemom.com/essential-kitchen-tools/ To complete our list I have included a free download of Day Designer's Entertaining Checklist and Gratitude Challenge!



Stay Tuned for our Holiday Christmas! Shopping Guide in time for Cyber Monday!


  1. I am celebrating American Thanksgiving abroad, and I don't have most of these things. But they look fantastic! My low-key decorations will probably be leaves from the yard. Happy Thanksgiving anyway!

    1. :-) Happy Thanksgiving!! I bet your decorations are going to be awesome!

  2. This is a great list of essential items needed for a very busy day. Thanks for sharing, doll. 💕