Style Stock Photography Collection using Items from

Style Stock Photography Collection using Items from

When I became a Blogger, I subscribed to Style Stock newsletters, of several Style Stock Photography makers, my favorites are Ivory Mix, Wonderfelle, HauteStock, PixiStock and Oh'Tlly.  Oh'Tilly was the first style stock phtography creator i signed up for and waa able to become an affilaite., I received three ffree phoots in the mail each month as a subscriber and loved the phtos and used them in myblog posts, and email campaigns to display on my website.

Each season we are filled with the Holiday Best, whether in Shopping, Season, or in the Joy we Bring to our Friends, and Family, and our daily community.

This year since I  completed my one year blogging anniversary.

I decided to step up and design a style stock collection.

The first place for Arts and Crafts, in my mind was the DollarTree, I new they have the best Arts & Crafts, that are unique, fun, seasonally selected, and valued.

 What you need

•    50-ct. Artificial Glitter Maple Leaves
•    4″ Metallic Pumpkins
•    1 Poster Board
•    1 Sellfie Socialite Ring
•    1 Camera
•    1 Desk/Table
•    Micro USB

How to Create Autumn Style Stock Photos for your Blog

Autumn Style Stock Photo Collection

Autumn Style Stock Photography Collection
Crafts and Supplies from Dollar

Style Stock Photography Collection Autumn Theme

Autumn Leaves and Pumpkin Patch Style Stock Collection

Pumpkin Patch
Dollar Tree

Dollar is the best place to shop, the craft supplies seen in the photo, this is where I purchased the items for my Autumn Style Stock Photo Collection.

Dollar Tree Glitter Maple Leaves
Available at

Poster Board
 Available at

The best part of creating my own Style Stock Photo Collection this Holiday, is I have creative control to use the colors and styles I like, and to create a themed collection, that will display my holiday moments, on my blog and tell as story that I can share with others through my photos. Shop For Party Supplies, Wedding Favors, Wrapping Paper and So Much More For Only $1! 

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